While she’s periodically seen using casual clothing, Annie is usually viewed wear the regular Junior significant consistent

While she’s periodically seen using casual clothing, Annie is usually viewed wear the regular Junior significant consistent

Annie is actually this short lady. She’s blue eyes and keeps this lady blonde hair tied straight back, usually, using the lady bangs over this lady best eyes.


By and large, Annie generally helps to keep to herself. She’s known to over-react in some instances over insignificant issues, but is able to acknowledge this and apologize when needed. She also is affected with overall performance anxieties (aka stage fright) and is also often exceptionally unwilling to play facing extreme level readers.

Despite her mostly quiet and reserved characteristics, Annie is not scared of conflict. She will be able to conveniently stand up for herself when rest make an effort to quit the woman, either from doing a task or trying to speak with a classmate.


Annie falls under 1st year lessons getting into combat Junior senior school and is allocated within Class 3. Through the welcome service, Annie overhears fellow scholar Eren’s love of cheddar loaf; for this reason being their favored foods furthermore, Annie turned too embarrassed to acknowledge this after the guy stated it. She’d commence to establish a grudge against Eren in response.

Later on, lessons 3 takes part in a dodge ball tournament and Annie has the ability to knock out four more players, winning the fit on her behalf class. [1] She overhears they’ll be increasing against course 4 (the class Eren is part of) and goes over to deal with all of them. Observing Eren is finished, Annie is told by Armin that Eren’s inside the restroom and will also be part of her fit. [2] Annie swears this lady area will victory and returns to the woman personnel; before the match, she extends back more and is shown Jean as evidence that Eren will there be. Maybe not purchasing they, Annie phone calls them out and is planning to submit them whenever Eren ultimately comes. She makes after announcing all over again that Eren’s course will eventually lose. During the match, Annie is practically eradicated by Mikasa; she grabs the tossed baseball and quickly gets rid of Armin. [3] As match winds all the way down, Annie was surprised when Eren seems to relieve this lady and winnings the complement for their teams. [4]

Annie afterwards joins the student council and quickly will get regarding nerves of man college student Hitch. Hearing that Eren belongs to the study dance club (in addition to the wall surface Beautification dance club), Annie stacks up and declares that although the council skout requires notes and keeps paths on bars around campus, the research pub has become the exclusion. She vows to achieve the club disbanded. [5] Hitch and Marlowe heed the girl (despite the girl informing all of them not to ever) and discover Eren therefore the dance club users on a field trip to Wall flower. Both side consent to a-game of rock, paper, scissors to look for the fate on the study pub. [6]

With each side getting one win apiece, Annie increases over Eren once the deciding vote. Whenever requested the reason why she hates your plenty, Annie won’t supply the reason why. They become stuck in a tie for half an hour before Annie will lose the lady clasp and prepares to obtain strike by Eren; but Eren relents and requires the girl again exactly why she detests him. Annie finally acknowledges that he talked about this lady best snacks as 1st and therefore she cannot carry admitting that to any or all. After hearing Eren apologize, she then finds out the entire thing was blown out of proportion by the girl and acknowledges eliminate to Eren. A day later during meal, Annie comes up to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and asks to stay with them. Starting to warm up to Eren, she offers section of the woman meal to your and they come to be friends. [7]

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