At OKcupid, getting an atheist is actually a date-maker, perhaps not a deal-breaker

At OKcupid, getting an atheist is actually a date-maker, perhaps not a deal-breaker

In a number of groups, are an atheist was a hit against you. But during the internet site OkCupid, it may simply help you to get a date.

During 2009, the site’s founders assessed replies from significantly more than 500,000 consumers and discovered that including the phrase a€?atheista€? in an initial information to another individual was actually prone to gather an answer than just about any additional religious descriptor except Christian.

a€?Mentioning their religion helps you, but, paradoxically, it assists you the majority of for those who have no faith,a€? co-founder Christian Rudder penned on the webpage’s writings at that time. a€?we realize that will piss many people down, so we’re pretty much tongue-in-cheek using this suggestions, but it’s just what data state.a€?

OkCupid’s founders – four 30-something dudes exactly who came across at Harvard – recently got room the a€?Humanist for the Yeara€? prize from their alma mater. Earlier champions add a€?Family Guya€? originator and comedian Seth McFarlane, evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker, biologist E.O. Wilson and California congressman Pete Stark.

a€?Humanism is actually a philosophy of existence that’s concentrated on strengthening a far better community for many peoplea€? without perception in just about any gods, said Greg Epstein, Harvard’s humanist chaplain.

a€?That could be the advantages we had been placing our very own thumb on by using these men,a€? the guy stated. a€?I really don’t think there’s previously become a spot with a blended ecosystem of individuals from religious and nonreligious backgrounds where it really is more content and recognized are an atheist, an agnostic or a humanist.a€?

OkCupid has a lot of company for the online dating world, with hundreds of cost-free and pay-for-play sites, quite a few tailored to particular spiritual communities, like Christian Mingle, Muslima (Muslim) and JDate (Jewish)

OkCupid was launched by Rudder, Sam Yagan, Chris Coyne and maximum Krohn. During the 1990s, while nevertheless Harvard math majors, they developed SparkNotes, a number of study courses which was sooner sold to Barnes and Noble. The four established OkCupid in 2003, additionally the website provides since attracted over 10 million consumers.

Three from the founders describe themselves as nonbelievers within their onsite pages. Krohn, the organization technical policeman, says if OkCupid is now a prominent area for atheists and a beacon of humanist prices, it is a pleasurable by-product.

a€?The webpages was an attempt to make use of the scientific solution to matching everyone upwards,a€? he mentioned from business’s Manhattan company before visiting Boston to get the prize on Nov. 4. a€?We are not key about all of our algorithm – all the details are on display on the website. This is actually the notion of available query and medical recognition. And in case people have guide, you want to simply take those information and incorporate these to result in the task better.a€?

Another humanist appreciate the site embodies, Krohn said, is a lack of judgment – exact same sex people, the polyamorous, and those pursuing lifelong couples and rapid hook-ups are common welcome

In which he views his or her own humanist values reflected from inside the site’s reassurance which users search much deeper by inquiring a lot more questions about by themselves in addition to their potential fits.

But OkCupid will be the only cost-free service that assists nonbelievers with particular information, reports and exams. Final December, self-identified atheist people had been sent a€?12 times of Atheist Matchesa€? and present customers takes an a€?atheist testa€? discover those with similar levels of nonbelief. This site’s a€?Darwin Testa€? seems to suit those with close perceptions about progression (sample question: were the majority of people a) close? b) wicked?).

Hemant Mehta, writer of a€?we offered My personal heart on eBay,a€? trumpeted the Harvard prize to OkCupid, which he has used themselves, on his helpful Atheist blog. a€?For whatever factor, atheists flocked to that particular web site in a sense I am not accustomed seeing elsewhere,a€? the guy said in an interview. a€?It’s anecdotal, but we never really found’nice atheist babes’ on other sites. I found a ton at OkCupid.a€?

a€?I think it will be the ideal dating website online, since they do not check-out great lengths to imagine that everybody suits exactly the same mold,a€? the guy blogged on warm Atheist if the honor was launched.

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