Ladies have seen to battle challenging need their particular OW/YM relations trustworthy

Ladies have seen to battle challenging need their particular OW/YM relations trustworthy

“Cougar cub”?

OK. And so I’m reading a thread today by a brand new representative and that I notice the title “Cougar cub” under the lady login name. So is this one thing placed on here of the site for newer prints or is they something the user can choose? I realize that people who are here lengthier have actually “senior user” or something such as that. Merely wondering.

Truckman try appropriate, there clearly was a choice for associate which will make a ‘Personalized individual name’ on connect he given.

I think that occasions have actually changed somewhat in 5 years since I have became an “older woman.” At that time, the word “cougar” was regarded as EXTREMELY offensive. To such an extent that many of united states, as some have already suggested, however stay very offended by it.

It can seem that some ladies look even more happy with that term these days. And in a method, i realize that. Perhaps it’s an empowering word. But, the expression wouldn’t come from “protecting the students.” They originated in someone that considered an adult lady to be “on the hunt.”

I understand that it’s not offending for you, Barbi. But, I additionally hope you realize that it’s a tad bit more complex rather than claim that “it’s on all of us.”

And you wouldn’t go into an African United states society and make use of the “N” term, just because it is not offensive to you.

The news latched to the phrase and set its own twist on it – and used it for just about any earlier girl with a young guy. But that’s not really what it indicates rather than ended up being.

I really don’t worry if people believe what indicates a smart. gorgeous elderly woman with a younger man. Or something about protecting their younger. (never ever heard this 1, LOL) You’ll be able to declare that all that’s necessary, although it doesn’t change it out’s definition.

In the event the media told you that “C” phrase means smart, sensuous lady, can you begin contacting yourself that, too?

Empowerment and “having right back” a derogatory keyword are a crock – if this worked, next female wouldn’t still get upset staying known as a “C” or a “B” and African Americans would not still have the sharp pain of this “N” keyword coming out of a non-African American.


This is actually the true classification. Just the news, as usual, got it completely wrong and began calling ANY girl with a younger people “cougar.” Immediately after which some bad, misguided people believed was “precious.”

Mocking, derogatory term used to explain feamales in her later part of the 30’s, 40’s or older, normally divorce proceedings or selecting an extra-marital affair. They were present in taverns that have been usually patronized by 20-something singles. The women had been frequently found to be suggestively dressed up, in garments which was considered to be “too young” for years and extreme make-up, hoping to catch the attention of the younger males into the establishment for sexual activities.

The definition of was created in regard to the more mature felines found in the backwoods of Canada, that have been too-old and feeble to hunt best prey. A desperate pet would stalk simple prey particularly household pet and animals.

Consequently, the older ladies in the pubs are the eager, old cougar, stalking the straightforward prey – that have been men eager for intimate encounter.

In the event that you unquestionably are a cougar – a hopeless older lady getting more youthful people for gender, then chances are you should phone yourself that.

But just because a woman is through a more youthful people, she doesn’t have as identified SOMETHING. And I also decline to bring folk think try the way I wound up with my husband!

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